Earth Renewable Artificial Grass Cleaner – 5L Refill

Earth Renewable Artificial Grass Cleaner – 5L Refill

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Earth Renewable Artificial Grass Cleaner Refill pack makes 100L of Ready to Use Cleaner.

Easily stored to top up your 2L original dispenser bottle.  Clean and disinfect your artificial grass by simply attaching to a garden hose, automatically mixes at a ratio of roughly 1 part Artificial Grass Cleaner to 20 parts water. Has a pleasing fresh mown lawn scent too!

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Earth Renewable Artificial Grass Cleaner offers you a simple and safe way to keep your artificial grass and surrounds clean, safe and in a presentable condition with just 15 minutes of effort.

Refill Pack makes 100L of Ready to Use Cleaner.

Artificial Grass Cleaner contains ingredients to alleviate many hidden risks: algae, animal droppings, hair, skin and environmental dirt. Plus the visible signs of soiling including moss and other unappealing stains. And did you know that harmful bacteria such as Golden Staph can thrive amongst the dense artificial grass and its hidden substrate of porous plastic.

Use Directions

Artificial Grass Cleaner will lift the look of your property and clean to keep your Artificial Grass safe with minimal work.

Attach the 2lt dispenser bottle of concentrate Cleaner to the snap on water fitting of a garden hose. Turn water on which then automatically mixes with the Artificial Grass Cleaner concentrate at a ratio of approximately 1 part Artificial Grass Cleaner to 20 parts water. Spray this over your Artificial Grass and adjacent areas. This refill pack makes 100Lt of Ready to Use Artificial Grass Cleaner.

All you have to do is wet the surface to be cleaned – job done easily and quickly!

 Coverage and Time

One 2lt bottle of Artificial Grass Cleaner will cover approximately 170 M2 of artificial grass and adjacent areas and take around 15 minutes to apply.


Treat the artificial grass once every 2 months, (approximately one and a half hours per year) to have great looking clean and safe artificial grass, paths and fences.

The product comes with an unconditional money back guarantee should you not be completely delighted with the results.

This is an excellent Investment!

Order this 5Lt refill for your 2lt dispenser bottle of Artificial Grass Cleaner to experience how easy and fast it is to have safe and clean artificial grass and surrounds.

The pack makes 100Lt of ready to Use Artificial Grass Cleaner.

Did you know?

Earth Renewable have conducted surveys with childcare centre owners across Australia and almost all mistakenly believe that their artificial grass is maintenance free and totally safe!

This is expected, given the suppliers of the artificial grass tell them that story.

To summarise some of the issues with Artificial Grass:

  1. Artificial Grass as a play surface provides all of the 5C’s for transmissions of harmful germs such as Golden Staph Infections: Crowding, Skin to skin Contact, Compromised skin, Contaminated surfaces and Lack of Cleanliness. (Centre for Disease Control: MRSA in the Workplace.) Any one of the C’s can allow for disease transmission. Keeping the grass safe and clean is the way to eliminate infection risks in this area.
  2. Fresh Air and Sunshine. A study about the presence and survival conditions of  Staphylococcus Aureus (Golden Staph) in Artificial Grass has produced some interesting results: Synthetic Turf and Staph Infections – Cause for Concern?  Sunshine, warmth and fresh air been found to have a natural disinfecting action on completely clean artificial grass. However, contamination by potentially disease carrying  dust, algae and mould and animal droppings should be regularly removed for the artificial grass to be considered safe for play.
  3. Frequency. In a study of Survival rates of staphylococcus aureus on synthetic turf, golden staph were found to survive better in indoor or shaded environments. Detergent/sanitising treatments became largely ineffective, 2 months after treatment.

Considering the facts mentioned above, a maintenance program which includes the following factors will be effective:

  • Ensure that the artificial grassed area receives direct sun for part of the day (if possible)
  • Regularly clean up of debris such as leaves, sticks, mud and animal fouling by sweeping, raking,  vacuuming and or flushing with water as needed.
  • Apply Artificial Grass Cleaner to aid in loosening contaminating soils and to control bacteria and algae/mould growth.

A New Easy to Apply Idea!

It’s just like quickly watering your artificial grass every two months!

Earth Renewable Artificial Grass Cleaner is easily applied over the surface and requires no more than access to a normal water pressure garden tap and a garden hose. The product is specifically designed to clean Artificial Grass leaving it clean and safe.

You can do this yourself! And so can your regular maintenance person.

Where to Use

Easily applied to artificial grass.

BONUS: The product will also treat the areas adjacent to the grass such as paths, fences, pergolas and garden furniture.

Safe for the Environment

The product is formulated with biodegradable surfactants and can be used with confidence in all areas of the property. Please follow good practice by avoiding direct spraying into fish ponds as heightened levels of chemical may prove harmful to marine life in the short term. Limit extended spraying onto garden plants for the same reason.

What is Cleaned?

Contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, moss and algae, mould, lichens, atmospheric dirt and grime, animal droppings and pet urine are removed during treatment.  Your artificial grass and adjacent areas are left clean, safe and lightly smelling of freshly mown grass.

But does it work?

We know from our extensive product testing that lichens are harder to control than most other plant organisms. Check out the panels of treated and untreated lichen covered shade cloth shown below. The first picture is before cleaning with Artificial Grass Cleaner and the second 6 months after regular treatment every two months.

We used this covered shade cloth as an example so you can easily see what Artificial Grass Cleaner does.

Untreated Grey Shade Cloth: Lichens are the green growth on the cloth.

Treated Grey Shade Cloth: 6 months after treatment. Lichen growth is gone.


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