Earth Renewable strive toward the goal of ensuring the workplace is safe through their Cleaning for Health practices. That is that the primary consideration in the cleaning of a building is the health of users of the building.

All of Earth Renewable’s cleaning products are developed and manufactured in Australia using the best and most natural ingredients that we can find.

We strive to minimise the impact of cleaning products on the health of children and child care workers.

Did you know that according to a recent study by the Qld Government that nearly 30% of lost time injuries in child care centres are connected with the handling of chemicals (mostly for cleaning purposes).

Isn’t it time you started using cleaning products that are designed with NO hazardous and toxic ingredients?

The earth renewable range of cleaning products has been formulated for the child care industry following years of research and product development.

earth renewable products are a revolutionary breakthrough in green cleaning technology utilising the potent cleaning properties of ingredients derived from natural, biodegradable, renewable and sustainable botanical resources.

All earth renewable cleaning products clean just as powerfully as the toxic cleaning products you are currently using, they are easy to use and they are surprisingly economical. SOL-2008-logo-small

All earth renewable cleaning products are certified as environmentally friendly by Good Environmental Choice Australia – Australia’s peak green certification body.

It’s time to change.  It’s time for earth renewable.

earth renewable cleaning products contain NO  Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) NO chlorine or bleaches NO  harmful solvents NO biocides NO caustic alkalis NO known carcinogens NO known toxins.

Frighteningly most commercial cleaning products are full of these substances which makes them hazardous, toxic, carcinogenic and plain bad for people and the environment.

earth renewable  products have been independently tested for cleaning performance against the best commercially available cleaning products and meet or exceed their performance.

earth renewable products clean without damaging the people or the planet.

How about the best cleaning products that are best for the environment and best for people at a price that is less than most traditional cleaning products?

Yes with earth renewable  you can have it all.

earth renewable’s cost per litre of diluted cleaning product is less than most traditional cleaning products.

Check out our YouTube Movie which explains a bit about what we do.

Earth Renewable is The Healthy Child Care Cleaning Company – call us today to make your centre a Healthy Child Care Centre.