Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-03-29T00:33:53+10:00
The food grade no rinse sanister, is it equivalent to a hospital grade disinfectant?2022-05-31T08:10:43+10:00

There are differences between the two but also similarities so I will make some points.

The active ingredient in No Rinse Sanitiser is often also contained in Hospital Grade Disinfectants.

QACs which is short for Quaternary Ammonium Compounds are a common ingredient in Hospital Grade Disinfectants.

No Rinse Sanitiser is used at a minimal rate to control microbe populations on surfaces but not be poisonous to humans who eat food prepared on the surface which have not had the sanitiser solution rinsed away. No Rinse Sanitiser is used on already cleaned surfaces at an inuse QAC rate of 200 parts per million.

Hospital Grade Disinfectants are used to clean and sterilise dirty surfaces at an inuse QAC rate of 4000 parts per million or more then rinsed away after the cleaning is done.

How do I make up a Ready to Use spray bottle dilution from Super Concentrate2022-05-07T09:12:30+10:00

The Ready to Use spray process is quick and easy. It has been designed to be used for all our concentrate products.

Connect the white pump to the bottle of concentrate product

Fill your empty spray bottle to the Top of the Label with tap water

Then add two pumps of super concentrate.  DO NOT add the super concentrate to the empty bottle first as you will generate foam and a wee bit of mess

Fit/ screw the trigger spray into the spray bottle

Shake the bottle twice to mix

And that’s it, couldn’t be easier

You are now have Ready to Use spray to start cleaning

The bottle of Super Concentrate makes 90 bottles of ready to use cleaning product

You just reuse the spray bottle

Will your artificial Grass Cleaner product remove pet urine odour?2022-05-29T02:02:54+10:00

Our Artificial Grass Cleaner has good odour control and it will leave the scent of freshly mown grass. The disinfectant properties kill bacteria, will deodorise the pet urine and as a result make the area more hygienic.

Many happy clients have told us of their success with getting rid of dog urine smells.
Using the concentrate product correctly as listed in the directions, should not cause irritation to your or your pet ‘s skin. If you are concerned, allow it to dry before allowing your pets access.
It has been formulated for synthetic grass and also can remove lichen/mould from fences, pavers and garden rocks. Also, be careful not to hose directly on your plants/garden as it may result in a slight dieback of fragile plants in the short term.

Application is efficient if you have a large area to treat. Use your normal garden hose connection to attach to the hose-end sprayer on the concentrated product. When the hose turned on, it activates the water dilution rate at 20:1 through the cap fitting.  and we recommend a regular maintenance clean every few months.

Persistent Problem:
If your problem has been long term, the smell may persist after the treatment above. Normal disinfectant will not remove urine crystals that have settled in the base of the grass
How do you resolve this?
If this is the case, we recommend a biological cleaner like our Pet Peeves. It is formulated with micro organisms which perform a deep clean of the urine crystals. This breaks them down to totally get rid of the smells. See our web store for more information on this product.
What is the shelf life of No Rinse Sanitiser Super Concentrate2022-05-06T09:53:07+10:00

What is the shelf life No Rinse Sanitiser Super Concentrate.  How often do I need to make up a bottle of Ready to Use in our kitchen

The shelf life of Our Earth Renewable super concentrate products have a 2 year expiry date. Refer to the white batch sticker on the side of the bottle.  A Ready to Use batch remains effective for several weeks.  No Rinse Sanitiser is a quaternary ammonium unlike a bleach which needs be disposed of at the end of the day ( 24 hours).
What Is Shelf Life?

The shelf life of a product is defined as the “length of time that a commodity may be stored without becoming unfit for use, consumption, or sale.” ( Manufacturers determine the shelf life of a product based upon expectations of normal use and storage. Failure to follow recommended guidelines can limit the expected shelf life of any product.

Cleaning products are more likely to lose their effectiveness than actually spoil.  Over long durations, product strength of cleaning products can degrade, the exact timing depends on the formulation.  some are able to maintain peak effectiveness for close to two years.
What Other Factors Affect Shelf Life?

Environmental factors can also affect shelf life. It’s always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use, storage and handling to get the most out of your cleaner:

  • Store at recommended temperatures
  • Properly close containers between use – do not leave bottles uncapped
  • Do not mix with other chemicals
  • Use clean tools to avoid introducing contaminants
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for use

What Happens If I Use My Cleaner After The Expiration Date?

The detergency may have diminished, which can have an impact on your cleaning application. You’re better off tossing it.

Always follow the manufacturer’s disposal instructions for any residual product.
Is your artificial grass cleaner safe for pets and children ?2020-08-17T07:02:30+10:00

When the concentrate product is used correctly as listed in the directions, the product should not cause irritation to your or your pet ‘s skin. Do not hose directly on your plants/garden. It is meant for synthetic grass and also can remove lichen/mould from fences, pavers and garden rocks.

The concentrated product comes in a 2-litre bottle with a hose-end sprayer which attaches to a normal garden hose connection. When activated with the hose turned on, the water dilution rate is 20:1.  If you are concerned, allow it to dry before allowing your pets access.

There is a warning in regard to skin and eye irritation with the concentrated formula.

Does your Artificial Grass Cleaner product dissolve and permanently destroy uric acid crystals (the source of the urine smell) or only mask it? I have a big dog and my toddler plays on the artificial grass. I really want to keep it clean, keep her safe and stop the disgusting smell!2022-05-05T14:32:22+10:00

The Artificial Grass Cleaner is great for the cleaning of the solid waste and environmental grime and control of bio films but does not have a component for uric acid crystals.

There are 4 types of contamination on the artificial grass especially when you have a big dog in a closed yard.

These are: Dog solid waste, urine residues ie uric acid, environmental grime, and bio films like fungus and mould.

We also have a pet urine cleanup chemical on the drawing board which is based around enzymes which will break up the uric acid.