I used Solo Pak Mops for the first time recently and was amazed at how easily our marked floors became clean, and without the need for elbow grease! We’ve now changed all our chemicals to Solo Pak, our centre smells clean and fresh and we have saved financially with no wastage and overuse.

Nicki Carrol, Director

We have been using Solo Pak at our group of centres for the past 8 months. It’s compact for easy storage and is dispensed safely and efficiently. Solo Pak gives us peace of mind that centre is cleaned hygienically. Parents often comment that the service smells clean without being overwhelmed by the smell of bleaches and strong chemicals.

Julie Watts, General Manager

In our many years of experience using Earth Renewable products I found them to be simple to use and very cost effective, in fact the most economic product we could find that is offered in the market place today. Everyone in our centres are happy with them and the instructions and training given were easy to follow.

I can recommend Earth Renewable without hesitation. They are of the highest quality, effective and efficient products that are good for our children, staff and the environment.


Lorie Zullo, Director, Bright Horizons Childcare Centres

Not only do the Earth Renewable products work they are amongst the most effective cleaning products that we have ever used. The products are environmentally sustainable, very easy to use and very economical. We are delighted with every aspect of these products.

I am actually a little reluctant to write this testimonial as I would prefer we were the only company to embrace these products and maintain our environmental and marketing edge. However we’ve been given such incredible service, support and advice by the manufacturer I’m prepared to risk you listening to me.


Jan Rose Powner, General Manager, Delron Cleaning, Western Australia

We have replaced all of our traditional cleaning products in all the schools that we clean with the Earth Renewable range. They’re easy to use. The cleaners like the products as they are very effective and do the job properly the first time.

The bottom line – we have find over time that we’re saving around 20% on the cost of cleaning agents by using these cleaning products from Earth Renewable!

We would have no hesitation recommending these products to any business that wants to clean using the latest technology in certified green cleaning. We’ll continue to use these products into the future.


Bert Smits, Managing Director, Eatons Services Group