What’s the big deal about Healthy Cleaning?

Healthy Cleaning is a BIG IDEA that links the Cleaning Chemical choices that you make in your home or work environment to Health Outcomes for your Family, Co-workers and Clients. Chemicals often affect us in ways that are not recognised.

If your family has some of the 1 in 9 Australians (2.5 million) that suffer from Asthma and Allergies then the cleaning products you are using and the chemicals that these put into the Air might be part of the cause of the problem.

Here’s a real world example: I was discussing healthy cleaning with a lady whose whole family had severe Asthma. She tried so hard to help them by sterilising the bathroom and kitchen each day with bleach. She said the air always smelt of Bleach. This actually made her family more sick.

Green Certified Products put 90% Less Chemical in the Air.

These Healthy Cleaning Products leave the air free of chemicals and healing can happen.

Check out these Benefits from the Earth Renewable Certified Green Cleaning System

  • Certified Sustainable:Certified Green and Sustainable by Good Environmental Choice Australia.
  • Healthy Choice: Green Certified Products have 90% Less Chemical in the Air. Breathe Easy!
  • Compliance Sorted: Meets Safe Work Australia and National Health and Medical Research Council Standards.
  • Globally Harmonised System (GHS) Compliant: Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Product Labelling comply with GHS guidelines.
  • Excellent Performance. SATRA Testing has proven these products outperformed the leading GREEN brand available Worldwide.
  • Fewer Products:  Each product can do many tasks. That means fewer products, Save on cash and space.
  • Concentrated Products. Stop shipping water. Save on Carbon and Lower delivery expenses.
  • Save Money: Complete System that Actually COSTS LESS.

With no more nasty chemical smells, these products are beautiful to use.

Asthma and Allergy Sufferers will delight in breathing clean air.

Check out our YouTube Movie which explains a bit about what we do.

How about a Risk Free Way to Try the Products?

Earth Renewable know that trying something for the first time is a risk in terms of your precious cash.

Our Healthy Cleaning Starter Kit lets you try 5 proven healthy products in your workplace, in your own time without anyone looking over your shoulder at a greatly discounted price.

Better yet we offer: An Unconditional Money Back Guarantee so there really is no risk except your time to experience the best cleaning system on the market today.

Details of the Kit below:

Healthy Cleaning Starter Kit

Here’s What The Healthy Cleaning Starter Kit Contains:

  • Kitchen: Dishwashing Liquid – Clean 180 Loads of Dishes
  • Laundry: Laundry Liquid – Clean 90 Loads of Washing
  • Floors: Neutral Cleaner – Make 90 Buckets of Mopping Detergent
  • Bathroom: Germex Cleaner and Deodoriser – Make 90 Bottles of  Cleaner Deodoriser (Awaiting Certification)
  • Glass: Glass Cleaner – Make 90 Bottles of In-Use Glass Cleaner
  • Spray Bottles for each application
  • Training Materials inc SDS, Wall Charts.
  • Customer Help Line: +61 474 025 401
  • Delivered Free to your Door anywhere in Australia.
  • Individual Products can be ordered separately form our store at any time
  • Amazing Offer – Only One Kit Per Site

$232.50 Value in the Kit……….Your’s for Just $134.68 inc. GST

Returning Users can purchase Earth Renewable Products from our Store: Go to the Earth Renewable Store