Our Artificial Grass Cleaner has good odour control and it will leave the scent of freshly mown grass. The disinfectant properties kill bacteria, will deodorise the pet urine and as a result make the area more hygienic.

Many happy clients have told us of their success with getting rid of dog urine smells.
Using the concentrate product correctly as listed in the directions, should not cause irritation to your or your pet ‘s skin. If you are concerned, allow it to dry before allowing your pets access.
It has been formulated for synthetic grass and also can remove lichen/mould from fences, pavers and garden rocks. Also, be careful not to hose directly on your plants/garden as it may result in a slight dieback of fragile plants in the short term.

Application is efficient if you have a large area to treat. Use your normal garden hose connection to attach to the hose-end sprayer on the concentrated product. When the hose turned on, it activates the water dilution rate at 20:1 through the cap fitting.  and we recommend a regular maintenance clean every few months.

Persistent Problem:
If your problem has been long term, the smell may persist after the treatment above. Normal disinfectant will not remove urine crystals that have settled in the base of the grass
How do you resolve this?
If this is the case, we recommend a biological cleaner like our Pet Peeves. It is formulated with micro organisms which perform a deep clean of the urine crystals. This breaks them down to totally get rid of the smells. See our web store for more information on this product.