The food grade no rinse sanister, is it equivalent to a hospital grade disinfectant?

There are differences between the two but also similarities so I will make some points. The active ingredient in No Rinse Sanitiser is often also contained in Hospital Grade Disinfectants. QACs which is short for Quaternary Ammonium Compounds are a common ingredient in Hospital Grade Disinfectants. No Rinse Sanitiser is used at a minimal rate [...]

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How do I make up a Ready to Use spray bottle dilution from Super Concentrate

The Ready to Use spray process is quick and easy. It has been designed to be used for all our concentrate products. Connect the white pump to the bottle of concentrate product Fill your empty spray bottle to the Top of the Label with tap water Then add two pumps of super concentrate.  DO NOT [...]

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Will your artificial Grass Cleaner product remove pet urine odour?

Our Artificial Grass Cleaner has good odour control and it will leave the scent of freshly mown grass. The disinfectant properties kill bacteria, will deodorise the pet urine and as a result make the area more hygienic. Many happy clients have told us of their success with getting rid of dog urine smells. Using the [...]

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What is the shelf life of No Rinse Sanitiser Super Concentrate

What is the shelf life No Rinse Sanitiser Super Concentrate.  How often do I need to make up a bottle of Ready to Use in our kitchen The shelf life of Our Earth Renewable super concentrate products have a 2 year expiry date. Refer to the white batch sticker on the side of the bottle.  [...]

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Is your artificial grass cleaner safe for pets and children ?

When the concentrate product is used correctly as listed in the directions, the product should not cause irritation to your or your pet 's skin. Do not hose directly on your plants/garden. It is meant for synthetic grass and also can remove lichen/mould from fences, pavers and garden rocks. The concentrated product comes in a 2-litre [...]

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Does your Artificial Grass Cleaner product dissolve and permanently destroy uric acid crystals (the source of the urine smell) or only mask it? I have a big dog and my toddler plays on the artificial grass. I really want to keep it clean, keep her safe and stop the disgusting smell!

The Artificial Grass Cleaner is great for the cleaning of the solid waste and environmental grime and control of bio films but does not have a component for uric acid crystals. There are 4 types of contamination on the artificial grass especially when you have a big dog in a closed yard. These are: Dog [...]

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