Neutral Floor Cleaner Super Concentrate

Neutral Floor Cleaner Super Concentrate

$50.92$190.75 ex GST

90 Bottles of ready to use Neutral Floor Cleaner are contained one 750ml super concentrate bottle. 

Each Bottle of Neutral Floor Cleaner is used at the rate of two pumps per Spray Bottle  or Bucket of Mopping solution. to make 90 x 750ml Spray Bottles or Buckets at a cost of 55 Cents Each!







. Earth Renewable Neutral Floor Cleaner Super Concentrate is highly recommended for the regular maintenance cleaning of most types of flooring including polished and unpolished vinyl, concrete, timber, marble and stone. Will remove dirt, dust, scuff marks, grease and oily soils. No VOC fumes from Butyl Glycol or Ammonia and irritation from highly alkaline ingredients. Easily measured super concentrate requires only 2 pumps per bottle/bucket (pump included).


Yes it does. Earth Renewable Neutral Floor Cleaner ingredients meets the “warm soapy water” solution suggested by Staying Healthy in Childcare 5th Edition without needing to use a detergent based cleaner that could cause slipping.


Actually, it is less expensive than store bought ready to use products.

The cost is from $0.55 cents per Spray Bottle or Bucket of Mopping Solution. One 750ml super concentrate bottle results in 90 Bottles of ready to use Neutral Floor Cleaner.

This is amazing when compared to high volume commercial cleaners that are not sustainable, and significantly cheaper per bottle than the leading Supermarket brand Floor cleaner.


It is a highly efficient cleaner for floors, walls, woodwork, and other washable surfaces where a neutral pH solution is desirable. and it works!







Neutral Floor Cleaner Super Concentrate is manufactured in Australia by Solopak and has been accredited under the Good Environmental Choice Australia Ecolabel.

Excellent Economy for Childcare and Business Operators

Earth Renewable cleaning products are

  • Certified Sustainable:Certified Green and Sustainable by Good Environmental Choice Australia.
  • Healthy Choice: Green Certified Products have 90% Less Chemical in the Air. Breathe Easy!
  • Compliance Sorted: Meets Safe Work Australia and National Health and Medical Research Council Standards.
  • Globally Harmonised System (GHS) Compliant: Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and Product Labeling comply with GHS guidelines.
  • Excellent Performance. SATRA Testing has proven these products outperformed the leading GREEN brand available Worldwide.
  • Fewer Products:  Each product can do many tasks. That means fewer products, Save on cash and space.
  • Concentrated Products. Stop shipping water. Save on Carbon and Lower delivery expenses.
  • Save Money: Complete System that Actually COSTS LESS.
With no more nasty chemical smells, these products are beautiful to use

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Bottle 1 x 750ml, Carton 4 x 750ml bottles + Pump


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