Solo Pak has been specialising in the supply of cleaning chemicals to the childcare industry for more than 13 years and we currently supply more than 18% of the Childcare Centres in Australia with cleaning products as well as many private schools and businesses.

We have recently launched our Earth Renewable brand of non toxic and healthy cleaning products. Earth Renewable is The Healthy Childcare Cleaning Company.

The childcare industry is now one of the most regulated industries in the country and as well Earth Renewable being about healthy cleaning it is also about keeping your child care centre fully compliant.  There are lots of cleaning products that find their way into child care centres that are non compliant with regulations – and are downright bad for people and potentially dangerous.

We will happily, and completely free of charge and obligation, review the cleaning products that you are using and give you a report on any compliance risks that you may have.

Why Earth Renewable for Childcare?

In a recent study the concentration of chemicals in the air was measured in a room after cleaning. This sounds like an obvious thing to do but was one of the first studies of its kind using highly sensitive measuring equipment.

The results were alarming. They found that 457 distinct chemical air contaminants were released into the air by the 21 cleaning products tested.

Many of the products tested were the standard popular cleaners used in child care centres and schools and some of the products even claimed to be Green products.

Do you know what is in the cleaning products used to clean your childcare centre?

There is an easy way to make sure that you not poisoning your self, your staff and the children under your care.  Call us at Earth Renewable, tell us what cleaning products you are using and we will tell you what the ingredients are and what the risks may be.

In the same study, “certified green cleaning products – those meeting strict standards from independent groups – were found to emit far fewer contaminants on average and are safer choices for schools.” Good Environmental Choice Australia Logo

These tests clearly demonstrated that Certified Green Cleaning Products emit less than one-sixth of the indoor chemical toxic pollution of conventional products.

What this means for childcare centres is that it is vitally important to make sure that any cleaning chemicals used in your centre have an Independently Certified Green Sticker on them.   In Australia this is the GECA sticker, shown here. 

Earth Renewable is The Healthy Childcare Cleaning Company.

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